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At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we are proud to partner with leading solar energy brands. 

Today, we would like to introduce you to Must Energy, a company renowned for its dedication to providing high-quality and reliable solar energy solutions.

A Legacy of Green Energy Solutions (Since 1998)

Must Energy boasts a remarkable history, established in 1998 with a singular focus: developing and delivering clean energy solutions. With over two decades of experience, they've earned a reputation for excellence in research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of solar energy products.

A Team of Dedicated Experts

Must Energy's success is driven by a team of over 500 passionate individuals, including more than 80 highly skilled researchers and developers. This commitment to innovation ensures they stay at the forefront of solar technology, constantly pushing boundaries to develop cutting-edge solutions.

Manufacturing Excellence

Must Energy takes pride in its state-of-the-art production facilities spanning over 30,000 square meters. Equipped with 20 production lines dedicated to solar products, they have the capacity to produce over 60,000 units monthly. This robust manufacturing infrastructure allows them to maintain strict quality control standards and ensure consistent product reliability.

A Diverse Product Portfolio

Must Energy offers a comprehensive range of solar energy products to cater to various needs and applications. Here's a glimpse into their extensive product line:
  1. Solar Inverters: Must Energy offers a variety of solar inverters, the workhorses of any solar system, ensuring efficient conversion of solar energy into usable AC electricity for your home or business.
  2. Lithium Batteries: Store excess solar energy for later use with Must Energy's high-quality Lithium batteries. This empowers you to maximize solar energy utilization and reduce reliance on the grid, especially during outages.
  3. Portable Power Stations: Enjoy the convenience and portability of Must Energy's portable power stations. Perfect for camping, outdoor adventures, or as a backup power source for emergencies.
  4. Solar Charge Controllers: Optimize your solar system's performance with Must Energy's solar charge controllers that regulate the charging process for your batteries, ensuring extended lifespan and optimal performance.
  5. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS): Must Energy's UPS systems provide seamless power protection for your sensitive electronics, safeguarding them from damaging power fluctuations and outages.

National Recognition and International Reach

Must Energy's dedication to quality and innovation has garnered them national recognition in China for their green environmental protection products and energy-saving solutions. Their commitment extends beyond borders, with their products finding application in over 100 countries worldwide.

Partnering for a Sustainable Future

At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we share Must Energy's commitment to providing clean and sustainable energy solutions. We are proud to offer their high-quality products to our customers, empowering them to harness the power of the sun and experience the benefits of solar energy.

Let Sona Solar Zimbabwe connect you with the future of energy! Contact us today to explore Must Energy products and create a customized solar solution that meets your specific needs.

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